​Urad Shoe and Leather Cleaner is our most popular product. It cleans, protects and conditions leather leaving a high shine without the need of buffing. The unique formula makes light work of shoes, bags, belts, wallets, sofas, car interiors, in fact any leather that require a high shine. Simply apply a small amount of Urad to a dry sponge (included) and work over the leather. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH!. You only require a small amount. If you can see it on the sponge you are using too much!

TIP If you are unsure of the required end result try on a small area hidden from view ie behind the back of the sofa.

Urad Shoe and leather can be used on any colour and will not transfer. When finnished simply rinse out the sponge in clean water and allow to dry.


Urad Jojo is a superb waterproofing and conditioning wax which ideal for walking boots, golf shoes, wax jackets, biker gear and much more. This product works very well with Urad Shoe and Leather and our saddlery cream. Simply apply on top of either product to lock in the shine and provide a long lasting waterproof coating. Jojo will last and last and will treat over 200 pairs of shoes or 20 wax jackets! Also ideal for rubber, wood and even terracotta.




Urad Saddlery Cream is similar to Urad Shoe and Leather (above) but has slighly more oil due to the demands of tack, and is more resistant to mold. Apply in the same way, remembering not to put too much on, for a competition shine in seconds. A great "cheat" before any show!





Urad Oily is made for nubuck leather and produces a matt finish whilst cleaning and protecting the leather. Ideal for caterpillar boots, deck shoes, Dubarry's etc. Also perfect for jackets and sofas where a matt finnish is required. Ideal for this expensive and difficult to clean leather.





Urad Tenderly is a unique product designed for rejuvenating dry and cracked leather. Apply liberally and leave overnight. The leather will soften and prevent further damage. We would suggest you then apply one of our products above for an "as new" look. Has been used widely for restoring tack, old leather coats and jackets with outstanding success.




Urad Sahara is a strong and effective waterproof spray for suede leather. Apply after cleaning suede to protect the leather from watermarks and liquid stains.





Urad Camoscio is fantastic suede cleaner. Simply spray on the leather and after a short period, brush off with a stiff brush. We would suggest an application of Urad Sahara after cleaning for the ultimate protection.





Urad Shampoo is used to clean leather before applying one of our range of products. Ideal for sofas, car interiors or any leather where there is a buildup in ground in dirt. Also great with white leather found in trainers.

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