The Urad Leather Sofa Kit comprises of two of our most popular products for a special combined price of £20.00 

 The first part is Urad Shoe and Leather cream which will clean your leather, and remove minor scuffs and scratches. It will also feed the leather and reproduce the original high shine finish. Apply a small amount with the sponge (provided) and let it dry for 10 minutes. We recommend you test the product on a small discreet area (like on the back) to ensure you are happy with the result.



The second part is to apply the Urad Conditioning wax which will "lock in" the shine, condition the leather to prevent cracking, and protect the leather with a natural wax coating. Don't worry it wont come off on clothes!

If used correctly the kit will last at least 10 applications on a 3 seater. Dont forget you can also use it on your shoes too!


Please note this is not suitable for nubuck or matt leather. 


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Urad Leather Sofa Kit

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